Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Handmade Christmas

The green sweater with twisted stitches is my own design I came up with for my mom. The fuzzy blue sweater with hat and mittens, I designed for Aidan. And the blue Aran style sweater I designed for my niece, Ashlyn.

Last minute gift dolls and a Cinderella topsy turvy doll. I made these for Aidan and Chloe from Jean Greenhowe patterns.

I made these little stockings and dolls for one of my nieces and three of my nephews. They were made from Jean Greenhowe patterns for the most part. I did make some changes, though. I added the monograms on the stockings. For the snowman and elf stockings, I followed her basic stocking pattern and embellished them my own way using some of her other patterns. On the doll, the original pattern called for guipure flowers. I don't even know what those are, so I embroidered a lazy daisy stitch instead.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another birthday sweater

I designed this sweater for my mother-in-law for her birthday. I was unable to get very good pictures of it, but I still wanted to post it here.

I don't even know yet if it fits her, but she loved it. I wanted to get a picture of her wearing it, but I forgot. Anyway, The yarn I used is from Elann. It is a worsted weight superwash wool. The sweater was constructed seamlessly from the bottom up. The sleeves were worked separately, from the bottom up, and then joined to the body. The yoke features small plait cables with the decreases in the purl stitches to form the circular yoke. The pattern I used for the body is a modification of Barbara Walker's rib and braid pattern.