Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Handmade Christmas

The green sweater with twisted stitches is my own design I came up with for my mom. The fuzzy blue sweater with hat and mittens, I designed for Aidan. And the blue Aran style sweater I designed for my niece, Ashlyn.

Last minute gift dolls and a Cinderella topsy turvy doll. I made these for Aidan and Chloe from Jean Greenhowe patterns.

I made these little stockings and dolls for one of my nieces and three of my nephews. They were made from Jean Greenhowe patterns for the most part. I did make some changes, though. I added the monograms on the stockings. For the snowman and elf stockings, I followed her basic stocking pattern and embellished them my own way using some of her other patterns. On the doll, the original pattern called for guipure flowers. I don't even know what those are, so I embroidered a lazy daisy stitch instead.

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Jennifer White said...

Those are all so nice! I hadn't seen Ashlyn with the sweater on her. It fits really good. Chloe really likes her Cinderella doll!