Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ripple Lace Tank

Usually when I design something, I come up with the design and then I choose a yarn. With this one, I chose the yarn and designed a tank top for that yarn. I had purchased 10 balls of Queensland Collection Invito yarn on Elann.com for an unbelievable price and I was just dying to use it. It was kind of hard to pick a stitch pattern that would showcase this yarn, but I think the ripple pattern works. For the lace edgings, I used Knitpicks Shinesport. For the straps, I made 2 i-cords on each side 1 in each color and then I twisted them. I am working on getting the pattern written out. When I do, I will post it on my other blog, Gourmet Knitting, if anyone is interested.


karla4k said...

That is so cute! I wish I was more interested in knitting. I would love to make stuff like that!

Jennifer White said...

That's awesome, Bea! You're so fast! It takes me forever to finish my projects!